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Chaos is evident just about everywhere: in lightning, weather patterns, earthquakes, and financial markets. It may appear to be a random event, but it isn’t. In a nutshell, chaos is a nonlinear, dynamic system that appears to be random but is actually a higher form of order.

Social and natural systems, including private, governmental, and financial institutions all fall within this category. People design these complex systems only to find that these systems take on a life of their own. Each of the system networks is sustained by complex feedback loops that re-enter the system at unpredictable points in their cycles. These feedback loops create an illusion of randomness.

When we discuss Chaos theory and trading, we are trying to define an apparently random event in the marketplace that has some degree of predictability. In order to do this we need a tool that is a representation of order from chaos. The tool that we will use here is the fractal. The fractal is commonly defined as an object with self-similar individual parts. In the markets, a fractal can be thought of as an object or “time series” that appears similar across a range of scales. Markets look this way when you compare a 3 minute time scale to a 30 minute time scale to a 3 day time scale. Each frame may zigzag a little differently, but when viewed from afar they have similar attributes on each scale.

Almost all chaotic systems have a quantifying measurement known as a fractal dimension. The fractal dimension is a non-integer dimension that describes how an object takes up space. Objects in space (and the systems that create them) are infinitely complex. If you examine any object with a microscope, more detail is revealed as the scale changes. In addition to levels of detail, most objects in nature demonstrate self-similarity, the organizing principal of fractals. Because of this, fractals will maintain their dimension regardless of the scale used. This is evident in natural phenomena such as mountains, coastlines, clouds, hurricanes and lightning.

Similarity across scales is important in trading because each time frame of a market will have a similar fractal pattern. This also demonstrates that markets are natural phenomena rather than mechanical processes. As such, markets can only be forecasted reliably with principles applicable to nonlinear, natural systems. Fractal geometry is such a tool

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This One Hour Presentation will Teach You :

  1. A systematic nonlinear approaching to investing

  2. How to distinguish technical analysis and nonlinear analysis

  3. Fractal construction and deconstruction.

  4. Creating fractal point sets for base and copy fractals

  5. Identifying fractal boundaries

  6. How to apply fractal time cycles to any market

  7. Defining and mapping fractal paths for the markets

  8. The reasons for the failure of traditional analysis

  9. The difference between linear and nonlinear behavior

  10. Apply the fractal principles to any financial market or instrument

  11. Locating fractal triggers for entry and exit points

  12. How to invest and trade fractals on any time frame.

  13. Fractal rules and behavior

  14. Growth and Decay fractals ------ the difference

  15. Crystal clear chart examples in real time

  16. How to chart and plot a fractal for trading.

  17. Learn the principles of recursive similarity

  18. Chaos Theory

  19. Fractal Geometry

  20. Child and Parent Fractals

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