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Defining The   "Hidden Fractal Order"   Within The Financial Markets


"I really appreciate the constant wisdom you put out on your site...don't understand it all...but you are streets ahead of others"    ....   A G   United Kingdom  2/2/05

Thanks for
helping me look at the markets in a different way.....
Great Work ......Mike


I bought some myself.  Thanks much!
 JH     6/23/04

Tom --- 4/08/04  ---  900 % Return

 (9:54:42 AM): Hank -Just have to tell you that I bought 20 April 55 calls yesterday on YHOO at .15- figured it was a low risk opportunity based on your fractal chart. Sold this AM for 1.35. This was the proverbial homerun. Now you understand why I like stocks more- easier for me to deal with. I Have paid for you subscription price for the next 5 years. Thanks for adding stocks to your service.

Your fractals are amazing Hank --- Julie ---4/7/04

Keep up the great work!   ---  Bob 4/7/04

I believe your findings in the indices are remarkable. ---  Dmitri 4/05/04

You're bloody marvelous ! ---  Angela

Frigging amazing ---- E  ....

Great Call on HUI !    Ron ---- 4/01/04  

Oh, by the way - wanted you to know that my trade on MER made a little money would have been more if I had more guts) but it was more than enough to pay for your monthly fee. I look forward to more trades. But I will be honest, I am simply more comfortable trading stocks.:-  3/27/04  -- nd

"I am amazed constantly at the way you call the market……logging onto the website is the best part of the day for me" ---- Reshma 12/11/03
 "Your advanced precision calls, to within a point, has convinced me that you are the ' psychic to the psychics'. Are you on retainer to Miss Cleo? Still amazed in Texas."
 Mike --- 12/09/03

 "Your forecasts which are really staggering" ---- Gisbert 12/05/03

Hi, I've been watching your Analysis and calls for the last week or so and I must say I'm impressed. Just wanted to say keep up the good work.

I am stunned, congratulations to Hank, outstanding work. Can't wait to hear more. Thanks

H 21

Congratulations!!! you saw very clearly the dominant fractal on the second half of the day ( I am sorry but I can not see clearly the first one)


You will be pleased to know I made my first trade, based on your Thursday chart. In Thursday am at Dow 9088. DIATL @ 2.05 out this am at 2:25. Waiting for the bounce (toying with going long for the 50 or so Dow points) Only took 1/2 position and made only $60 bucks, I like to test ideas first before committing more $. Still reviewing this am charts but I really like the methodology. Timing of course is so important.


Just a short note to say good work and I'm excited to see more.


Like the uniqueness of your work but the whole world -especially intraday - trades the SP500...


I'm very appreciative of your evaluations and understand you haven't time to widen your effort. I hope you'll keep up the good work and that it will continue to be successful.


This really is fascinating stuff.


I thoroughly enjoy your web site and would like to thank you for your contributions.



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